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Welcome to my story and how it all started!

I hope you will feel inspired to put paints to paper - or even tea bags!

I've always been creative, embarking on many courses, from Patchwork & Quilting, Floristry, and even obtaining a Diploma in Garden Design.

In 2011 after a few stressful events in my life, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I'd lost 2 stone in weight despite gorging on chocolate and sweets daily!

In 2013 I improved, so medication was stopped, but, by 2015 it returned with avengence.

Very disheartened, I reduced my hours of work, changed my diet and switched from coffee to tea. One day I'd sat down to enjoy a rooibos tea and discarded the bag on my boiler. The following morning the bag was stuck and the leaves poured out as I tried to lift it off. I then noticed the beautiful red tones on the tea bag itself. I immediately reached for my watercolours. It was time for some personal art therapy. I started with some floral and folkart designs and a year later I was selling my work at my first art market at Taurus Crafts.

Tests continued and by Christmas 2018 I stopped medication. Well I celebrated with a rooibos tea and a chinese take away!

I have been in good health ever since.

Art therapy worked for me and I have never looked back!

Thank you xx

If you suffer with Hyperthyroidism 'click here' - this link may help.

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Thank you - Paula x

My rooibos tea bag left on the boiler!

My Rooibos Tea Bag Left On The Boiler
Monthly Topic - Tea Families

oriento-8bIwzXRosfk-unsplash tea family blog

Before Robert Fortune discovered the 'secrets' of tea in the mid 19th century, europeans believed that green and black teas came from different plants. We know today that this is the phenomenon of oxidation that modifies the natural state of the leaves, changing the colour and taste.

Oxidation is produced by oxidase, enzymes that react when the cells of a tea leaf are broken. When reacting with oxygen, these enzymes trigger the oxidation of the leaf, so it is possible to change freshly harvested leaves into any type of tea.

Each family of teas comes from a particular method of processing the leaves. For example;, to obtain a green tea, the leaves must be 'fired' or steamed to disable the enzymes that cause oxidation.

There are six main categories or families of tea: white, green, yellow, wulong (or oolong), black and Pu er (or sometimes Pu-erh). I will be following these up each month to bring you some facts.

What is your favorite tea?
I like a spiced Chai tea

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Paula xx ....

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